2023-2024 Roster

Looking for new Rookies!!! Tryouts second week of school!

The numbers are placeholders until we distribute our NEW uniforms when they finally get delivered.


Last First Number Year Position
Bumgardner Alani 1 Junior Goalkeeper
Moore Adison 2 Senior Defense
Tubridy Julia 3 Senior Midfield
Wallace James 4 Junior Forward


Last First Number Year Position
Belby Payton 21 Freshman Goalkeeper
Bibeau Zachary 5 Junior Forward
Curth Greyson 30 Junior Midfield
Evans Marie-Claire 22 Grad Forward
Falk Lauren 7 Sophomore Midfield
Foren Julia 8 Sophomore Forward
Gordon Brooke 9 Senior Forward
Grimmell Christian 10 Senior Defense
Hite Zoe 11 Junior Midfield
Huber Madison 12 Sophomore Goalkeeper
Kaifer Ryan 23 Sophomore Forward
Krautkramer Noelle 24 Freshman Defense
Leftwich Hope 25 Junior Midfield
Ligozio Kiera 26 Freshman Midfield
Liskey Emma 27 Freshman Defense
Matheson Rylee 28 Grad Forward
Mclaughlin Katie 13 Senior Defense
McPartlin Katie 14 Sophomore Forward
Moore Kaitlyn 15 Junior Midfield
Norsworthy Martha Page 16 Senior Forward
Pillari Anna 17 Sophomore Defense
Schmidt Renee 18 Sophomore Midfield
Sevier Karoline 19 Junior Forward
Wacker Lennart 29 Senior Forward
Williams Katie 20 Junior Forward

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